Introduction and Card Business Overview

  • Phongsavanh Bank limited (PSVB) has been officially granted as a principal member from two globally prestigious card organizations (from VISA association on 03 October 2007 and from MasterCard association on 03 August 2009). We are successfully carrying out card services as VISA and MasterCard Acquiring in late January, 2010. Also, we continue implementing our business of issuance and officially launch in 06 April 2011.  
  • With our hi-technology platform of full solution in card management system, SunGard System Access, PSVB is always aiming at maintaining our leading position in international card payment market in Lao PDR.
  • Phongsavanh Bank issues international VISA/Master Card with all features compliant with international standards of VISA and Master Card Associations.
  • Credit cards Visa/MasterCard issued by Phongsavanh Bank to individual clients are used and accepted for payment on global scale with the facilities of overdraft, purchasing goods, cash advance from counter and ATM withdrawal which brings about favorableness to clients any time, anywhere.
  • Supplementary Cards:
  • You may apply for an additional card on your card account known as Supplementary Card for a person or persons whom you have chosen to be an additional card member/s.  However you must pay for all the charges made by the Supplementary Card member/s on the card.  You may assign a separate (lower) credit limit to the supplementary card member/s.

    Card Type

    There are 2 types of Visa/Master credit card:

    • Standard (Visa/MasterCard Credit Classic).
    • Gold (Visa/MasterCard Credit Gold).