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We protect your tangible property

APA Insurance protects your business property from any losses when there is a fire, a collapse of the building, property in the building, breakage of water pipes, storm, etc. that causes damage or losses. You can trust us.

You can buy the insurance at any branch or service unit of Phongsavanh Bank.
Vientiane Capital – Central Part of Laos

Branch or Service unit Contact number
Xaythany Branch (+856-21) 711511, 711533
Samsenthai Branch (+856-21) 212666
Nonsavang Service Unit (+856-21) 463175
Khunta Service Unit (+856-21) 215974, 520060
Kokpho Service Unit (+856-21) 516006
Nongduang Service Unit (+856-21) 258091
Xiengyeun Service Unit (+856-21) 255966
Salakham Service Unit (+856-21) 811046
Bolikhamxay Service Unit (+856-54) 213444
Northern Part of Laos
Branch or Service unit Contact number
Xiengkhuang Service Unit (+856-61) 213588, 213689
Luangprabang Service Unit (+856-71) 213358
Xayabouly Service Unit (+856-74) 212208
Bokeo Service Unit (+856-84) 212223
Hongsa Service Unit (+856-74) 860089, 860099
Southern Part of Laos
Branch or Service unit Contact number
Savannakhet Service Unit (+856-41) 300111, 300666
Champasak Branch (+856-31) 260317
Salavan Service Unit (+856-34) 212055, 212077
Sekong Service Unit (+856-38) 211889, 211899
Attapeu Service Unit (+856-36) 210199, 210111
Insurance for Business Property
  • Protect yourself

    Designed to support your business and business operations in case of fire, robbery and other disasters. Moreover, there are other options for you to choose which suit the risk protection of your business and fulfill the requirement of your business.

  • What does the insurance for business property cover?
    1. Building
    2. Personal business property
    - Goods and material warehouse
    - Other person’s personal property
  • Increase your insurance cover by selecting more options
    1. Cover of the third party
    2. Robbery
  • Benefits
    - Apart from the 2 options, the full cover is another option for you
    - Additional cover to suit the requirement of your business
    - Emergency call for assistance within 24 hours
    - Convenient and quick process for the claim of benefits
  • Covers of dangerous events
Cover of dangerous events Basic level Advanced level
Losses from water
Collapse of the building
Airplane or vehicle
Breakage of glasses

If you need any assistance, please call us on 1677.

For more information, please visit our website:

APA Insurance will consider about the insurance covers and you can see the benefits, terms and conditions in the general conditions in the insurance contract.

Introduction about the company

APA Insurance belongs to the Lao investor and is affiliated of Phongsavanh Group Limited.


Reform insurance industry to build a better future for all citizens


To be a leading insurance company of the country by providing education, increasing purchasing power and innovation, and to be transparent in our business line to become the best leading company of all.

Display a commitment to the society
To create necessary protections
To all citizens in Lao PDR

Meet Us! Easy, fair and different insurance!
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