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Fund Transfer Service

Transfer through the ATM


A funds transfer method from the account to another account in across the country which the transfer is a convenient holder for PSV with the transaction services through ATM’s 24 hours.

  • Be paid immediately.
  • You can transfer up 90,000,000 LAK/day for credit card and 99,000,000Kip for the gold card unlimited number.
  • Transferring has a pay slip as evidence.
  • Open 24 hours /day 7days/week.
Remittance conditions:

Sender and receiver must have the account number and ATM card of Phongsavanh bank limited.

  • Bring the ATM card of Phongsavanh bank into ATM box.
  • Press for your 4 code numbers.
  • Select Lao language or English.
  • Select type of Service to transfer money between accounts.
  • Select the account you want to transfer out.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Enter account number of receiver you want to transfer to.
  • Wait until the operating system completed and receive the slip.
Compensation services - to withdraw money with the branches in provinces
Transfer through Currency Fees
Phongsavanh bank LAK 0.02%/1time, Mini 10,000 Kip, Maxi 1,000,000 LAK.
THB 0.02%/1time, Mini 40 Baht, Maxi 4,000THB.
USD 0.02%/1time, Mini 1 USD, Maxi 100 USD.
  • Transfer within the same province does not pay any fees.
  • This transaction can transfer to the accounts of the same currency or foreign currency which will use the exchange rate on the day that determines the exchange rate.
  • Fees will be calculated automatically by the system at the rates above.
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