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POS Terminals

Convenient: It accepts all credit cards from all over the world.

Safe: it is safe from the card skimming because we have staff working 24 hours on the station to protect against the skimming.

Trust: trust our professional consultants who are available to give you advice at all time of card usage

Easy to use: provided daily report on the transactions.

Benefits members will receive

Receive the POS machine for free: the bank does not charge the use of the machine, billing paper, installation fee, application fee and there is no deposit.

Received the stickers of Visa, Master, JCB and Union Pay for free: when you become the member to use POS machine of Phongsavanh Bank, our staff will provide the stickers or signs having Visa, Master, JCB and Union Pay logos for you to put them in front of your shop in order to let the customer know.

Free installation and usage: it is quick to install it and our staff will give you advice on the usage of it.

Required Documents
  • A copy of Business License.
  • A copy of Investment Registration License.
  • A copy of Tax License.
  • Company profile.
  • A copy of valid Identification Card or Passport.
  • A copy of Family Book (For Lao citizen).
  • The most recent 3-month bank statement.
  • Copy of the first page currency LAK of Phongsavanh Bank’s account.
For those who are interested in using POS terminal of Phongsavanh Bank

Please contact us at any service unit closed to you or call 021 711668

The list of Phongsavanh POS’ members:
Download application form for apply
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