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Card Services Fees

1. ATM card fees
No Descriptions Services fees
1 Registration fee

LAK 30.000/green card.

LAK 50.000/gold card.

2Photo print on the cardLAK 30.000/card
3Fees for all types of Card Issued urgentlyRegistration fee plus LAK 20.000
4Fees for all types of Card with Photo issued urgentlyUrgent card issuing fee plus LAK 20.000
5Card replacement

LAK 30.000/green card.

LAK 50.000/gold card.

6Issuing a new PIN

LAK 20.000/card .

LAK 40.000/card (one day).

7Issuing an additional card

LAK 30.000/green card.

LAK 50.000/gold card.

8Monthly feeLAk 3.000, USD 0,4, THB 13
9Sale draft retrievalLAK 40.000
10Cash withdrawal from Bangkok Bank ATMs in Thailand

ATM Card link to LAK account,Fee 10% ,minimum 10,000LAK, maximum 950,000LAK

ATM Card link to THB account,Fee 10% ,minimum 25 THB,maximum 2,500THB.

ATM Card link to USD account (Free)

11Balance enquiry from Bangkok Bank ATMs in ThailandLAK 3.000, USD 0,4, THB 12

2. International Debit Card Fees (Visa & UPI)
No Descriptions Services fees
1 Registration feeNil
2Requesting an additional cardLAK 40.000
3Monthly fee

LAK 8.000 for UPI Debit card, USD 1, THB 30.

LAK 13.000 for Visa Debit card, USD 1,6, THB 50.

4Card replacement

LAK 40.000 for UPI Debit card and Visa Debit Classic.

LAK 60.000 for Visa Debit Gold.

5Registration fee plus LAK 20.000Registration fee plus LAK 20.000
6Issuing a new PIN

LAK 20.000/card.

LAK 20.000/card (one day).

7Sale draft retrievalLAK 40.000
8Foreign exchange markupRefer to the charge from foreign banks
9​​Dispute requestRefer to the charge from foreign banks
10Minimum Account BalanceRefer to the condition of saving/premier account
11ATM withdrawal and transfer limit per day (in Lao Kip only)

LAK 15 million for UPI Debit & VISA Debit Classic.

LAK 20 million for VISA Debit Gold card.

12Cash withdrawal (at Off-Us ATMs and counter)3% or LAK 50.000, USD 6, THB 200
13Balance enquiry LAK 4.000, USD 0.5, THB 16

3. VISA, MASTER, JCB & UPI Credit Card Fees
No Descriptions Services fees
1Registration fee

LAK 200.000/Classic Silver Card

LAK 300.000/Gold Card

2Annual fee

LAK 300.000/Classic Silver Card

LAK 400.000/Gold Card

3Supplemental card
Registration fee Nil
3.2 Annual fee

LAK 150.000/Classic Silver Card.

LAK 200.000/Gold Card

4Service fees
4.1 Interest rate18% p.a.
4.2 Card replacement LAK 40.000
4.3 Issuing a new PIN

LAK 20.000/Classic Silver Card.

LAK 30.000/Gold Card

4.4 New PIN issued urgently (within a day) LAK 40.000
4.5 Cash withdrawal

3% or min LAK 50.000/transaction.

Max 75% of the limit

4.6 Minimum monthly repayment 10% of the outstanding balance or min LAK 250.000
4.7 Late payment 1% of the minimum of repayment amount within a month (above LAK 25.000 but not over LAK 150.000/month)
4.8 Interest free period 20 days of grace period for buying-selling transactions, but the cash withdrawal transaction, the interest is calculated since the day of withdrawal.
4.9 Sale draft retrieval LAK 40.000
4.10 Foreign exchange markup 1%
4.11 Statement retrieval LAK 20.000
4.12 Requesting to increase the limit LAK 40.000
4.13 Dispute request Refer to the charge from foreign banks

4. Card Acquiring
No Descriptions Services fees
1Cash withdrawal for international and other domestic bank cards

At the ATM, LAK 20.000/transaction

At the service counter, 2,5% or min LAK 20.000/transaction

2Merchant discount fee
2.1 Cards issued by others (PSVB/Off-us card)2-3%/transaction (depending on each merchant)
2.2 Cards issued by PSVB (PSVB/On-us credit card)0-1%/transaction (depending on each merchant)
2.3 PSVB ATM cards0-1%/transaction (depending on each merchant)
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