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Fund Transfer Service

International Inward - Outward Remittances
1. Inward remittance via Swift system
No Descriptions Services fees
1Inward remittance to USD account ​0,1%, min USD 5, max USD 250
2Inward remittance to THB account 0,1%, min USD 200, max THB 7.000
3Inward remittance to LAK account Nil
4International Inward remittance for re-transfer to other banks domestically ​0,1%, min USD 5, max USD 350 plus USD 2
5Request for cancellation of Inward Remittance and refunding the sending bankUSD 5, THB 200/transaction
2. SWIFT Remittances
No Descriptions Services fees
1US Dollar
- Less than USD 10.000USD 15/transaction (No SWIFT fee))
- More than USD 10.0000,1%, max USD 500, SWIFT fee USD 10
2Euro0,1%, min Euro 10, max Euro 500, SWIFT fee Euro 15
3Thai Baht to Thailand
<=1,000,000 THB0.10%,min 180 THB, max 400 THB / transaction
>1,000,000- 5,000,000 THB0.10%, max 500 THB / transaction
>5,000,000- 8,000,000 THB0.10%, max 2,000 THB/ transaction
>8,000,000- 10,000,000 THB0.10%, max 3,000 THB / transaction
>10,000,000 THB0.10%, max 5,000 THB / transaction
4Chinese Yuan0,1%, min Yuan 30, max Yuan 3.000, SWIFT Fee Yuan 100 /transaction
5SWIFT Outward Remittance with "OUR" instructionUSD 30, THB 1.100/transaction
6Amendment/Cancellation of SWIFT remittance InstructionUSD 40, THB 1.000, Yuan 50/transaction
3.Western Union Remittance
No Descriptions Services fees
1Western Union Remittance​Refer to the fee in Western Union system
4. Cross border payment at Laos -Vietnam border
No Descriptions Services fees
1Inward remittance in Vietnamese Dong or Lao Kip ​0,1%, min LAK 55.000/Dong 150.000, max LAK 2 million/ Dong 5 million
2Outward remittance in Vietnamese Dong or Lao Kip0,18%, min LAK 55.000/Dong 150.000, max LAK 4 million/ Dong 11 million
3Amendment/Cancellation of remittance instruction LAK 55.000/transaction, Dong 150.000
4Outward remittance with "OUR" instruction ​Plus actual fee charged by the receiving bank
5. Cheque collection from foreign banks
No Descriptions Services fees
1Cheque collection from banks in Thailand ​0,2% of the cheque value, min THB 200/cheque and other fees (if any)
2Cheque or traveler's cheque in USD and other currency collecting from foreign banks1% of the cheque value, min LAK 30.000 or equivalent to a cheque
3Fees on Returned cheque USD 15 and other fee claimed by correspondent bank
4Collection of PSVB cheque from foreign banks ​USD 30, THB 1.000/time
6.Cheque Discount:
No Descriptions Services fees
1Bank Draft(Payable at oversea banks)0,1% of the amount, min USD 5
7. Import Letter of Credit (Import LC)
No Descriptions Services fees
1Issuance fee0,1%/ 3 months, min USD 50, and SWIFT fee USD 35
2Trust receipt (TR)Refer to lending policy
3Collection under import LCUSD 10 and SWIFT fee USD 25
4Discrepancy ​USD 50
5Sea way shipping guarantee issuance feeUSD 10/copy
6Air way endorsed delivery order issuance feeUSD 10/copy
7Transfer import LC 0,1%, min USD 20
8Confirm import LC ​Refer to correspondent bank's fee
9Amendment and cancellation fee on Import L/C
9.1 Fees on request for an increase in amount or an extension of tenor for L/C 0,1% of the increased amount or renewal period, min USD 10, SWIFT fee USD 25
9.2 L/C AmendmentUSD 10 and SWIFT fee USD 25
9.3 L/C CancellationUSD 15 and SWIFT fee USD 25
8. Export Letter of Credit
No Descriptions Services fees
1Advice export LC ​USD 20
2Bill discount0,2% of the amount, min USD 20, max USD 500 (if the repayment is made after the 7-days grace period, lending interest rate will be used), and actual courier fee
3Amendment and cancellation fee USD 10 and SWIFT fee USD 25
4Confirmation of exporting L/CRefer to correspondent bank's fee
5Collection under export L/C USD 30 and actual courrier fee
6Discrepancy USD 50
7Packing credit ​Refer to the facility approval (lending interest rate)
9.Bill for Collection, D/A, D/P
No Descriptions Services fees
1Import bill for collection0,1% of the amount, min USD 20, max USD 100 and SWIFT fee USD 25
2Export bill for collectionUSD 20 and actual courrier fee
10.Other service fees
No Descriptions Services fees
1Returning of documentUSD 100/copy
2Checking the documentUSD 20/application (next application is USD 10)
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