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Fund Transfer Service

Remittance via SWIFT system


Remittance via the SWIFT system is very comfortable for all the customers whether you are wherever, any Race you can send money or receive money from all over the world with excellent service for us.

Your benefit from our services will allow you to:

  • Remittance to any country worldwide service system SWIFT.
  • Remittance services is cheaper
  • Unlimited number of transfers.
  • Remittance to foreign own behalf or payment
  • Services facilitate
  • System with a clear, transparent, reassuring the source and destination.
  • There is the representatives famous bank you trust services.
Remittance via SWIFT Condition:
  1. Inward Remittance
    • Just inform your account name and your account number to transfer money to your account at Phongsavanh bank
    • The money is transferred into the system via Phongsavanh bank Limited, through the representatives bank in Abroad which we use communication data format automatically modernization (SWIFT) Which will take 24-48 Hours only.
  2. Outward Remittance
    • Simply fill in as: Name, account number and address of the bank recipient destination
    • With references such as: passport, ID card, Invoice, Order Item and other documents related to the purpose of the Transfer.
  • You can transfer by cash
  • Inform the purpose of your transfer to the services staff of the bank get to knows
  • fill in of Phongsavanh form with reference of purpose to transfer.
  • You can transaction with services channel of Phongsavanh in each where of service hour working.
  • Comfortable procedure.

You can see the services fees of Phongsavanh bank
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